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Sienkiewich Hydrologic Services, LLC (SHS) - July 2011 to present

Principal: Analyzes hydrologic risk of urbanized development in floodplains and the hazards created by extreme storms. Assesses dams, channels, levees, master drainage plans, reservoir and flood control systems, groundwater basins and contaminant plumes.

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) 1987 to May 2011

Section Manager, - 2011: I led about 35 professionals, comprising the Resource Implementation Section. Duties included negotiating and administering water supply contracts and conducting technical analysis for: Colorado River water supply; State Water Project (SWP); and incentive programs to advance urban water conservation, water recycling, seawater desalination, and groundwater treatment. SWP contract management addressed: water supply, water quality, aqueduct infrastructure, environmental resources, energy and Metropolitan's $500 million annual payment exposure. The Section dealt with complex water storage and delivery systems; water rights; and hydrologic and water quality risks. Water quality work included salinity management policies, practices and risks; MTBE contamination; as well as aqueduct pump in water-quality criteria for constituents, such as, arsenic, nitrates, total dissolved solids, bromide and total organic carbon. The Section reviewed plans to rehabilitate or replace major hydraulic structures such as reservoir outlet towers, multi-million dollar pumps, open channel aqueducts, hydroelectric generation units and earth fill dams. The Section was also engaged in FERC relicensing, an integrated resources plan for electric power generation and off-peak acquisitions, partnership in a new combined cycle natural gas generation plant, channel and operating equipment maintenance strategies, reservoir stratification and dissolved oxygen restoration, aqueduct water wheeling arrangements, aqueduct cross drainage flood risks, conservation standards for annexations of new development and interpreting statistical risk factors in snowmelt runoff forecasts in concert with other operational variables. I represented the District in public forums, including regulatory hearings. I prepared and managed budgets/business plans and consultant services contracts. The Section obtained and used State/Federal grants.

Principal Engineer 1987 - 99: Managed the Local Resources Program Branch. I supervised up to a dozen professionals pursuing local water resource development to strengthen Southern California's regional water supply reliability. Planned, negotiated, executed and administered groundwater storage agreements and programs. The Branch conducted groundwater studies addressing safe yield, storage and extraction systems, adjudications, contamination, treatment and estimated project costs. The Branch participated in pioneering groundwater desalination projects, nitrate removal and treatment of volatile organic compounds. The Branch also established and administered District financial incentive programs to promote development & operation of groundwater treatment and recycled water projects; resolved sensitive equity issues and built consensus with the diverse member water agencies of the District; managed numerous water resources planning studies in partnerships with local agencies; created and administered groundwater management programs; planned groundwater and recycled water strategies identifying hundreds of thousands of acre-feet of potential new water supply; contracted drilling of test wells, percolation tests and groundwater modeling; and participated in regulatory hearings and litigation.

Los Angeles District Corps of Engineers 1971 to 1987

Chief Hydraulics Section 1986 - 87: Supervised staff of about 20 responsible for hydraulic design of flood channels, levees, debris basins and reservoir outlets; flood plain analyses; and review of proposed drainage systems for the protection of new urban developments. I was responsible for directing and scheduling the section's workload, hiring, training and adequacy of technical results. Projects included the Arizona Canal Diversion Channel in Phoenix Arizona; Santa Ana River and tributaries in Orange County California; Seven Oaks Dam in San Bernardino County, California; San Luis Rey River in Oceanside California; San Francisco River in Clifton, Arizona, etc.

Chief of Hydrologic Engineering Section 1983 - 86: Supervised staff of about 35 addressing hydrologic analyses of precipitation, storm runoff, snowmelt, groundwater resources and oversight of reservoir operations (see below). Developed flood frequency and reservoir filling frequency curves. Work involved computer modeling of large and small drainage basins in five Western states regarding short- and long- duration hydrologic events including: quantification of present and future flood risks and mitigation benefits; design storms; flood hydrographs; sediment and debris loads; water supply; and groundwater recharge. Reaching closure in reservoir operation decisions and hydrologic study outcomes involved negotiating high-visibility and high-stake outcomes with technical integrity. I helped defend the District in litigation. Addressing the record breaking floods on the Colorado River in 1983 and 1984 was a major accomplishment. The Section also analyzed proposed side drainage inlets and bridge crossings of established channels to ensure level of flood protection is preserved before permits are issued.

Chief of Reservoir Regulation 1979 - 83: Supervised staff of six. I worked with a wide cross-section of jurisdictions during record-setting runoff years in managing the District's 16 reservoirs for flood control, groundwater recharge and environmental benefits. I coordinated operations in the Los Angeles County Drainage Area, Santa Ana River Watershed, Arizona watersheds and Colorado River Basin with federal, State & local agencies and the public. In most watersheds, the Corps projects had to be operated in synchronization with projects controlled by other jurisdictions. Duties included: preparation of water control plans; issue resolution with stakeholders; 24-hour activation preparedness; daily reservoir water control and data collection, flood mitigation; water supply; water quality; interaction with field observation crews during extreme events, public notifications and studies into maximizing public benefits. I was regularly involved in resolving issues pertaining to the competition between established reservoir flood control plans and stakeholder requests for: water supply, recreation; environmental protection, construction in downstream channels and existing land use or proposed developments in associated downstream flood plains and on reservoir easement lands. Operational decisions typically had large dollar impacts and high public visibility. Outreach and sensitive negotiations with affected parties was routine. Accurate knowledge of channel and gate capacities including deviations from original design values was an essential aspect of the work. The Unit administered contracts with US Geological Survey for stream gaging stations, updated hydraulic capacity charts and tested automatic functions of reservoir gate structures. The Unit routinely used a complex network of radio- and satellite-reporting rain and stream gauges to obtain and assess storms and floods on a real-time basis.

Project Manager and Staff Engineer 1971 - 79: I held a variety of positions in water resources during this period as my career progressed including manager of flood plain management and flood insurance studies, construction inspection, water operations and coastal engineering. This work involved development of flood frequency curves, water surface profiles, culvert capacities, flood ways, overland flood pathways and depths, cut and fill quantifications, installation of reservoir evaporation stations and other civil engineering functions.

US Geological Survey 1969 - 1970

I worked part time as a hydrologic field technician collecting and processing stream flow and water quality data from established measuring stations in Southern California.

Notable Professional Accomplishments & Roles

Chaired State Water Contractors' Energy Committee
MWD's representative in Multi-State Salinity Coalition
MWD's representative & organizer of Southern CA Salinity Coalition
Chaired Water Resources Division, CA/NV AWWA
Developed MWD salinity management policy and action plan
Chaired Legislative and Regulatory Committee, CA WateReuse Association
Established competitive MWD Local Resources Program
Established MWD Cooperative Groundwater Storage Program
Transferred ownership of MWD's Morris Dam to LA County Public Works
Chaired Water Management Committee, CA/NV AWWA
Managed MWD demonstration groundwater storage program
Established MWD Groundwater Recovery Program
Administered MWD/Cucamonga County Water District groundwater exchange
Administered MWD/Chino Basin Trust (groundwater) Storage Agreement
Chaired Metropolitan's Groundwater Advisory Committee
Chaired Technical Committee, federal Colorado River Forecasting Service
Project manager of Hoover Dam flood control criteria & manual
Project manager of Orange County federal flood insurance study


1975 Master of Science in Civil Engineering, emphasis in hydraulics studies, Long Beach State, CA
1970 Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering, Cal Poly, Pomona, CA
1968 Associate of Science in Engineering, Suffolk Community College, Seldon, NY

Technical & management training programs

Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC), Davis, CA
  • Water Surface Profiles
  • Hydrologic Probabilities
  • Planning for Hydrologic Engineers
  • Hydrologic Aspects of Hydropower
  • Real-Time Control of Water Resource Projects

Metropolitan Water District Star training for managers
Personnel Management for Executives, Department of the Army training
Management Institute, South Pacific Division of Army Corps of Engineers

Project Management / Principal Engineer

  • US Army Corps of Engineers Flood Plain Information Report, San Timoteo Creek, Vicinity of Loma Linda, San Bernardino County, California
  • US Army Corps of Engineers Flood Plain Information Report, Puerco River, Vicinity of Gallup, McKinley County, New Mexico
  • National Flood Insurance Program - Flood Insurance Study, Fountain Valley, California
  • National Flood Insurance Program - Flood Insurance Study, Costa Mesa, California
  • National Flood Insurance Program - Flood Insurance Study, Orange County California addressing main stem of Santa Ana River
  • National Flood Insurance Program - El Mirage Dry Lake, San Bernardino County, California
  • National Flood Insurance Program - Flood Insurance Study, Bisbee, Arizona National Flood Insurance Program - Flood Insurance Hydrology study, Wickenburg, Arizona
  • US Army Corps of Engineers, Flood Plain Planning Assistance for Prescott Country Club, Arizona
  • US Army Corps of Engineers, Flood Plain Planning Assistance for Luke Air Force Base, Arizona
  • US Army Corps of Engineers - Water Control Manual for Flood Control, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, Colorado River
  • US Army Corps of Engineers, - Reservoir Regulation Manual, for Mojave River Dam, Mojave River Basin, California
  • US Army Corps of Engineers - Reservoir Regulation Manual for Pine Canyon Dam, Virgin River and Tributaries, Nevada, Arizona and Utah, Meadow Valley Wash and Tributaries, Nevada
  • US Army Corps of Engineers - Reservoir Regulation Manual for Mathews Canyon Dam, Virgin River and Tributaries, Nevada, Arizona and Utah, Meadow Valley Wash and Tributaries, Nevada
  • US Army Corps of Engineers - Reservoir Regulation Manual for Tat Momolikot Dam, Pinal County Arizona
  • US Army Corps of Engineers - Reservoir Regulation Manual for Whitlow Ranch Dam, Pinal County, Arizona
  • US Army Corps of Engineers - Hydrologic design of inlet channel for Arizona Canal Diversion Channel, at Indian Bend Wash, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • US Army Corps of Engineers - Hydrologic analysis of Los Angeles County Drainage Area flood control system
  • Hydrologic assessment of spillway adequacy, Alamo Dam, Arizona
  • US Army Corps of Engineers - Hydrologic analysis for flood risk and preliminary channel design, Nogales, Arizona
  • US Army Corps of Engineers - Hydrologic analysis for design of tributary channels flowing into the Tijuana River Channel in California, Nogales, Arizona
  • US Army Corps of Engineers -Management of Los Angeles District Reservoirs and flood control aspects of other federal and local reservoirs having federal responsibilities in California, Nevada and Arizona during major floods of 1979, 1980, 1983, and 1984
  • Metropolitan Water District Local Resource Program
  • Metropolitan Water District Groundwater Recovery Program
  • Metropolitan Water District Water Conservation Program
  • Metropolitan Water District Seawater Desalination Program
  • Metropolitan Water District Chino Basin Groundwater Trust Storage Program
  • Metropolitan Water District San Jacinto Basin groundwater storage project
  • Metropolitan Water District Glendora groundwater storage planning study
  • Metropolitan Water District groundwater storage agreement involving Western Municipal Water District and the Orange County Basin
  • Metropolitan Water District transfer of ownership of Morris Dam to Los Angeles County Public Works and criteria for decommissioning associated US Navy torpedo testing facility
  • Metropolitan Water District Salinity Management Study and operational policy adopted by the board of directors
  • Metropolitan Water District management evaluation and policy recommendations regarding proposed expansion of East Branch of the California Aqueduct
  • Metropolitan Water District Water's West Coast Basin groundwater resource planning study
  • Metropolitan Water District Water's San Mateo Creek groundwater resource planning study
  • Also an activate oversight committee representative in multi-agency studies addressing, Chino Basin groundwater resources, Santa Ana River total inorganic nitrogen and TDS, and Southern California Reuse and Reclamation regional planning study

Professional License

1974 Civil Engineer, No. 24058, CA

Additional Information

2007-09 President, Long Beach Marinas Boat Owner Association
Member, American Society of Civil Engineers

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