Laura E. Hromadka

Professional Profile

Ms. Hromadka holds the position of President of the engineering and scientific firm Hromadka & Associates. Her duties there include oversight of all corporate administration issues, policy decisions and strategic planning. She serves as a voting member of the Board of Directors, and is party to all company goals and objectives. Ms. Hromadka also serves as the Quality Control Manager. Additionally, she represents the firm for projects involving public information programs.

Until November, 2002, Ms. Laura Hromadka also served as the Executive Director of the Floodplain Management Association, a non-profit professional society representing the states of California and unofficially, Nevada in the promotion of flood safety, the reduction of flood loss, and the education of floodplain managers in all floodplain and watershed issues. In this capacity, she interacted with federal, state, and local agency representatives, such as FEMA, EPA, the California Department of Transportation, the Corps of Engineers, California Department of Water Resources, California Office of Emergency Services, and many local flood control and water districts, in addition to consultants and vendors.

Previously, Ms. Hromadka was employed by several engineering firms, where she provided public involvement program support and served as a quality control representative. Her public involvement experience includes the planning, coordination, and implementation of more than 10 public involvement or information programs involving public agencies, consultants, and the public. These projects include Master Plans of Drainage involvement programs, stormwater channel and drainage facility involvement programs, and reservoir and pump station projects. Ms. Hromadka also has extensive experience preparing technical reports and proposals, having served as the marketing associate for the water resources division in previous positions.


M.S., Environmental Studies, California State University, Fullerton, 1999
B.A., Communications (public relations emphasis), California State University, Fullerton, 1992


International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)
International Association for Public Participation (IAP2)
Floodplain Management Association (FMA)
Hudson Highlands Land Trust
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Institute of Professional Geologists
Groundwater Resources Association of California

Project Summary

58 City/Countywide Master Plans of Drainage and Environmental Systems; Computer Software Application
Montclair (2006), Costa Mesa (2006), Huntington Beach (2005)

Stormwater Information Management Systems/GIS
Santa Clarita Master Plan of Drainage and Environmental Systems (1997).

Computerized City MPDs
South Laguna Beach (1993)
Apple Valley (1991)

City MPD Computer Modeling Services
Garden Grove City MPD

Other Drainage Master Plans
San Sevaine Creek (60 square miles, 1994)
Huntington Beach, California (2005)

Sediment Transport Studies, Debris, Mud Floods, Transport Processes in Fluids
2007 Sediment transport in San Diego Bay, in pipelines draining to Convair Lagoon, California.
2006 Boulder eruption in Oahu, Hawaii. Rock and sediment degradation. (Onishi)
2003 Blow sand atmospheric transport, drought conditions, water availability, Palm Desert, California.
2002 Sediment transport and erosion near Honolulu, Hawaii.
2002 Sediment transport and deposition at Kirkland, New York.
2002 Sediment transport and mud flood, debris flow, on Catalina Island.
2002 Debris and sediment flow in Duck Creek, Las Vegas, Nevada.
2002 Sediment transport and mud flood on Catalina Island.
1999-2002 Sediment transport analysis at Amtrak train derailment, Kingman, Arizona.
2002 Sediment transport and mud flood on Catalina Island.
2000 HEC-6 and GSTARS analysis of Lobecks Pass, California near Needles.
1999-2000 Transport of DDT in surface, groundwater, and atmosphere, Montrose, California.
1998 Analysis of Catalina Island debris, overflow of dam.
1997-1998 Erosion Analysis of Gila River in Vicinity of Gillespie Dam.
1997-1998 Gila River (Gillespie Dam failure mechanisms due to scour).
1997 Failure of 5 concrete dams near Quebec, Canada.
1995 San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor Erosion and Sediment Transport Study.
1993 Apple Valley Dry Lake environmental impacts analysis; transport effects.
1993 Aliso Creek (20 mile stream study).

Water Quality Studies, SWPPP, Monitoring Plans, RMPs, NPDES
2007 BMP performance at General Dynamics, TDY, Port Authority, at Convair Lagoon, California.
2005 Surface Water transport of chromium 6 and sediment in Willits, California.
2002 Water Quality Loadings and Permit Compliance, Caltrans Freeway, City of Upland, and San Antonio Lakes, California. SWPP. Pollutant loadings. Impact Analysis, Mitigation Measures.
2000 Analysis of gasoline transport in Mission Valley San Diego, California.
1997 Evaluation of BMP usage in Southern California (Struble).
1997 DHM analysis of Newport Bay circulation, Newport Beach, California.
1996 Disney WESTCOT RMP (Runoff Management Plan).

Groundwater and Contaminant Transport Studies (Also see prior sections)
2007 Record two-week rainfall infiltration analysis at Gladys Drive, California, causing landslide
2006 Rising Ocean Level flooding in Honolulu, Hawaii.
2006 Analysis of perched groundwater in Highland Glen area of Henderson, Nevada. Water quality analysis.
2005 Soil water transport and ET studies for Anaheim Hills, California for several hundred residences. Water balance studies.
2005 Groundwater and surface water transport of Chromium 6 in Willitis, California.
2003 Water Supply, soil water saturation, landscape methodology review, moisture accumulation, percolation test, in Anaheim Hills, California.
2003 Analysis of releases, BTEX, MTBE, lead, groundwater flow, plume evolution soil gas, soil TPH, CPT/LIF, Hydropunch data, at Mission Valley, San Diego, California.
2002 Usage of groundwater in Palm Desert, California, for control of blow sand.
2002 Modeling and analysis of Kaiser TDS plume in Ontario, California. Mercury. Percolation ponds.
1998 Apple Valley MPD Water Conservation and water resources study.

Flooding/Floodplain Inundation Studies/Dam-Break Analysis
2007 Severe storm flooding at Seacliff and Buckingham areas, Ventura, California, Sediment transport. Slope failures.
2007 Flooding along horse-trail and residential tract (Freudenberger).
2003-2004 Flood of Crystal Lakes, Illinois, Community, 1996, 1999, Sewer system overload, lift station analysis, infiltration into sewer main.
2003 Evaluation of multiple flood control basins in series, runoff, design storm centering, percolation, San Antonio Lakes, Upland, California.
2003 Hurricanes, flood history, channel/overland flow, 1000 square mile catchment at Driscoll, Texas.
1996-1998 Failure analysis of Gillespie Dam, Phoenix, Arizona.
1990 City of Garden Grove/Santa Ana River Breakout analysis near Santa Ana Freeway, levees, dam, channels.

Professional Experience


Hromadka & Associates, Costa Mesa, California, Jan 2002-Present

Vice President

Integral Consultants, Inc., Costa Mesa, California, June 2001-Dec 2001


Exponent Failure Analysis Associates, Inc., Costa Mesa, California, May 1996-Feb 2001

Engineering Technician

Boyle Engineering Corporation, Newport Beach, California, April 1992-May 1996


Williamson and Schmid Civil Engineers, Inc., Irvine, California, March 1984-April 1992


Hromadka, Laura E. July, 1999. An Examination of the Role of Public Information Programs in the Reduction of Non-point Source Pollution in Santa Monica Bay. Master’s Degree Project, California State University Fullerton, Advisor Dr. M. Lauren Ficaro.

Hromadka, Laura E. 2000. Watershed Management in Lake County, California. Journal of Floodplain Management, Floodplain Management Association. Vol.1 (2), 85-94. Mission Viejo, California.

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