Principal Hydrologic Consultant

Professional Profile
Dr. Guymon has over 30 years of experience as a geohydrologist/water resources engineer with the State of California, Department of Water Resources; University of Alaska; and University of California (Irvine). He has also provided specialized consulting services to public agencies as well as private consulting engineering firms throughout the western United States.

Since receiving his Ph.D., he has specialized in modeling hydrologic systems, particularly groundwater. He is Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at University of California, Irvine.

Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of California, Davis,1970
M.S., Civil Engineering, University of California, Davis,1967
B.S., Civil Engineering, University of California, Davis, 1966

Professional Civil Engineer, California
Professional Civil Engineer, Alaska

Relevant Experience
  • San Juan Basin Authority: Technical advice on runoff processes and original of natural and man-influenced water to the groundwater basin.

  • Old Woman Springs: Water supply potential and assessment of marketing potential.

  • Groundwater availability to a San Bernardino County development and relationship to a containment plume.

  • Modeled groundwater resources in the lower Owens Valley (Olancha area)
    for the Western Water Company. The MODFLOW model was used for this purpose.

  • Irvine Ranch Water District: Assisted in developing water system master plan. Involved in early planning for reuse and management of reclaimed water. Evaluated the use of Rattlesnake and Sand Canyon Reservoirs for storage of reclaimed water. Developed several subarea master plans for water supply facilities. Designed the Sand Canyon Reservoir controlled outlet facilities. Conducted geohydrological studies on the Irvine Basin.

  • Pacific Company: Exploration of groundwaters in the Santa Ana River/Yorba Linda area and development of two water supply wells.

  • Maricopa County Flood Control, Arizona: Evaluated scour and sedimentation hydraulics for the Agua Fria River north of Interstate 10. Developed and applied the two-dimensional hydrodynamic model to dam break flood potential for several dams local to Phoenix. Assisted in East Cave Creek flood control project which involved incorporation of aesthetic and equestrian amenities. Consulted on the Dysart Drain flood improvements.

  • San Diego County and Vicinity: Evaluated proposed reclaimed water disposal irrigation for the Otay area. Decanso groundwater investigation for increased pump age. Campo investigation on the impact on groundwaters from increased percolation of treated wastewaters.

  • Lusk Company: Performed a feasibility study of well recharge of reclaimed water and groundwater extraction for Menifee Basin, Riverside County, California. This study included geophysical exploration, field well canvassing, and groundwater modeling.

  • City of San Clemente: Developed original master plan of drainage and updated master plan of drainage. This study involved applying the Orange County Hydrology Manual, the rational method and the unit hydrograph method.

  • Tri-Cities Municipal Water District: Investigated the use of the lower San Mateo Basin for conjunctive use and water banking. This study involved geological exploration, geophysical exploration, hydrogeology, groundwater modeling and negotiations between the client and the US Marine Corps.

  • San Juan Basin Authority: Assisted in a groundwater basin management and facility plan. Primary responsibility consisted of geohydrology and groundwater modeling using the UCI model which Dr. Guymon developed. He developed the concept of increasing the sustained yield of coastal basins by inducing seawater intrusion that requires desalination to produce potable water.

  • Eastern Municipal Water District: Investigated impacts associated with discharging highly treated reclaimed water to the Santa Margarita River and groundwaters, developed a cascaded lumped cell model for this work.

  • Navy: Assessed groundwater and water quality impacts associated with wastewater disposal ponds at the Naval Air Station, Lemoore.

  • Valley Center Municipal Water District: Developed a comprehensive mathematical model of the Moosa Canyon Basin, San Diego County, to evaluate reclaimed water recharge effects on groundwaters.

  • Rand Communities Water District: Evaluated increased pumpage effects on the Fremont Basin, Kern County .

  • Moulton Niguel Water District and El Toro Water District: Evaluated groundwater availability in the Aliso Creek Basin area.

  • Over the years assisted in water resources studies and modeled numerous groundwater basins and areas in San Diego County. These include the Santa Margarita River, tributaries of the San Luis Rey, the Valley Center area, Descanso area, National City area, Otay Mesa area, and Campo area.

  • San Bernardino County Flood Control District: Assisted in developing their hydrology manual which is based upon the SCS-Corps of Engineers unit hydrograph theory, rational method and modified Pul's method of flood routing. Assisted in the flood drainage master plan for Twentynine Palms.

  • Fluor Daniel: Modeled pipeline stream crossings associated with the proposed trans-Alaskan chilled gas pipeline.

  • Corps of Engineers: Developed a coupled heat and moisture flow model for algid soils including ice segregation.

  • AMV AC Chemical: Expert witness and investigated the fate and movement of DBCP in soils associated with EP A hearings and litigation in the Central Valley, California.

  • Williamson and Schmidt: Geotechnical investigations and mathematical modeling of seepage from a retention basin located in Chino Basin.

  • Exponent: Assisted in modeling complex unsaturated flow phenomena near a sewer break that devastated numerous structures.


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