September 30, 2004

Dear Dr. Hromadka:

On the recommendation of the appropriate personnel, and in accordance with University policy, it is with great pleasure that I join your many colleagues and friends in expressing our gratitude for your outstanding service to the Department of Mathematics, emeritus, effective June 27, 2004.

You have had an enormously successful career while at California State University Fullerton. You have over 500 authored articles on a wide variety of topics, have authored or co-authored 9 texts or research monographs and have been particularly active in obtaining extramural grants and contracts. Some of the contracts that you have obtained are in support of our project course in our Applied Mathematics Program. Each year for the past 15 years, you have obtained and directed these projects. You have also chaired the committee for a master's thesis for a student in the Environmental Studies Program. You have been recognized for these efforts by appointment as an adjunct faculty member in Geology and the Environmental Studies Program and more broadly as the Adjunct Profession at Wessex Institute of Technology in England and as an Affiliate of the Center of Earth Science Information at Stanford. In addition, you are a Licensed Civil Engineer in California and Nevada, a Licensed Geoscientist in Texas and a Certified Professional Hydrologist. You have also been very active in presenting papers at national and international meetings. Via the Master's Degree Projects, you have involved our students in your research and helped them in other ways to obtain employment and/or continue on to graduate studies leading to a Ph.D. Your work spans a wide variety of areas: Mathematics, Engineering, Geology and Environmental Studies, from a very applied point of view to that of very theoretical studies. In addition, you have sponsored a scholarship for students in our Applied Master's Program and have financially supported the department in other ways.


Milton A. Gordon


C: Vice President for Academic Affairs Public Affairs
Dean Faculty Affairs and Records
President, CSUF Emeriti Personnel Action File
Titan Card Center