Theodore V. Hromadka II

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PhD, PhD, PhD

American Academy of
Water Resources Engineers
Certified Professional Hydrologist
Licensed Civil Engineer Licensed Geoscientist
Licensed Geologist

Professor Emeritus
California State University

Dr. Theodore V.
Hromadka II's Virtual Wall

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“The firm's principal and founder, Theodore Hromadka, PhD, PhD, PhD, PH, PE has extensive scientific, engineering, expert witness, and litigation support experience. His frequently referenced scientific contributions to the Hydrologic, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences have been published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature including 32 books, and over 500 scientific papers and book chapters. His professional engineering experience includes supervision and development of over 1500 engineering studies.”

Engineering and scientific computer software developed by Dr. Hromadka is widely used throughout the engineering community.

Advanced Engineering Software

Diffusion Hydrodynamic Model

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